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Infographics are extremely popular way to visualise data or information in an interesting and informative way. Also known as data visualisation, the aim of infographics is simply to engage the viewer and create interest as well as action. By using an infographic designer such as Glitterz, you are assured of a high quality infographics design which delivers in every way.


Benefits of infographics include:

* Visually grabs the viewers attention and engages the viewer, which means the relevant message gets delivered more effectively

* Easy to understand which ensures that complicated and complex information can be visualised in an easier to understand format

* Infographics are easy to share which is one of their biggest benefits, because the more people that share and view the infographic the more traffic and exposure your product or service gets.


We are infographic designers who are able to provide a visually appealing and informative infographic that gets results.

Our service includes:

* Creation of infographic

We will review the relevant subject matter you provide and review the most effective way to illustrate the key elements in a visual manner.

We will produce a draft copy which is sent over for approval

Upon approval we will complete the infographic design

* Submission to the top infographic sites

To create exposure and traffic, will will submit the infographic to the top infographic sites, which combined receive in excess of 30 million visits per month.



John Kendle

We have utilised Glitterz infographic services on several occassions and been extremely happy with the results. We have no hesitation in recommending them.


Shay Guvra – Picnic Saviour

We decided to go down the route of infographics as we felt it would provide additional exposure and interest in our product ranges. Glitterz came up with several interesting options, which we decided to persue. The infographics produced where excellent, straight to the point, visually simplistic yet highly appealing and have produced the desired effect. In addition, it should also be noted that in terms of cost, we found Glitterz infographic service to be extremely cost effective and affordable.



6 Benefits of Infographics 6 things we did not know in 2013
6-Benefits-of-Infographics 6-Things-we-found-out-in-2013

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Lead time to complete

Turnaround is 10-15 working days


Price and Payment info:

Cost: £250


All that is required is:

* Url/website address of your site

* Subject matter of the required content

* Relevant keywords to be used as anchortext link ( if possible) and url to link to

* Payment reference (if Paypal please provide transaction reference) (if bank payment please provide reference used when payment was made)


PayPal payment to be made to: or alternatively contact us for bank details


Please send the above information in an email using the name of the service in the subject line to: